Friday, 29 November 2013

Searing Bond

Shock Nova totem (for shock value, obviously)

Lightning Warp totem (because why not)

whatsitsname that triple totem chest, with the appropriate hexproof flasks of course

Curse on Hit (ele weakness maybe, but this one's always fuzzy) (maybe)

But in terms of totem placement? Time spent placing totems is time spent not dealing damage. I mean, obviously you're going to get right up in their faces because of the way searing bond works, so melee (searing touch is still a staff) but the majority of damage is still going to come from assorted spells. (The rest is from traps. Ancestral Bond is a given.)

CDT + one or another of the totems, not sure which. Maybe arc totem. Depends how much crit I can get, or something.

3 totems + self = quadrilateral with a cross? I'd still like to see the exact numbers on 1.0.2 Searing Bond damage, but it's actually an option now...right? I'll be pretty annoyed if it only casts from the SB totems and not between my lightning totems, that'll change the strategy just a little. Or a lot. Bah.

Maybe I should have ele equilibrium. Throw down some coldsnap traps or something. Was thinking of CDT icenova, but that doesn't work with dual totems, does it?

Probably EB and double curse. Probably not crit. I doubt I'll reach IR anyway. HP return will be a problem, on hit would probably be the best (only) way to handle that.

They need more unique staves.

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