Saturday, 23 November 2013

dual claws guide

Dual Claws Are Cool

Concept: lifesteal tank

Wanted to make one of these since pretty much the first time a claw dropped. So I spent like way long planning it out. This was when whirling blades and lightning strike were the only two claw-usable AoE skills, not even kidding. Started off as a CI GR build (because there were exactly two unique claws at the time, and so if you wanted to use a unique it was Essentia or nothing, and we were all noobs at the time so uniques were supposedly awesome.)

And then cyclone. Best thing since sliced bread, figured out the tricks to it pretty quickly so I didn't desync. Right about here is where I picked up IR and loved it. Blind too - this was back when people thought it was useless. Heh.

And then melee splash and multistrike, so like, whoa. Somewhere around this time, evasion changes happened too, specced out of IR and never looked back. (Got a full reset with the ranger skilltree rework.) Bloodseeker happened too, somewhere along this line. I beat Piety at level 60~ with 1.8k HP, though I think that was before the Lunaris upgrade.

From here on, it's all optimising.

Bringer of Rain came out. I upgraded my claw to 320pdps. Etc. And IIQ/IIR. Did a few runs at level 80 to see exactly what I could or couldn't get away with in MF terms, but eventually settled on regular capped resists and about 2.5k HP. For maps, I basically switched out the MF amulet and ring for HP/damage ones (I was resist capped without them anyway), and the MF gems for BM/AoE.

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