Saturday, 30 November 2013

Playing keep-away with knockback

Some days ago, I did a critique on someone's build concept...somewhere in there, I mentioned something about concepting a crit variant of his staff spectral throw build.

I'm not sure how well "variant" applies, as I've basically taken out everything except the spectral throw skill, which links are pretty well universal anyway.

ST - xMP - AFD - LL/LoH - ICD, etc

But the build, now this one gave me hours of trouble. First I started with the Marauder, because that's where I left off last post.

build link

Totaling up the crit, on an 8% crit staff I'd reach a little over 50% crit rate. Shucks. Now, the rest of the crit nodes are over on Shadow I figured I'd go all the way, make it CI VP and build a Scion.

build link (where points go over the limit, note that the last place to put them is the crit nodes, ok? only makes sense to do it that way.)

...and yes, that's a lot of points over the usual recommendation, so what I did was pick Duelist and take a slightly shorter traveling path.

build link

And then, you know, it came back to me: why am I even making CI?

build link

So of course then I had to make it over on Scion.

build link

I'm still not entirely satisfied with it. Might end up making CI anyway, because VP's safer against reflect, and reflect is the bane of crit builds. Not to mention, that way I'd save on a LL gem. (Though with over 5% HP regen, I might have been able to run BR on HP anyway.) Or I could go full circle, back to Marauder start, and use it as a character to reach 65 for the challenge. If I decide to go for that challenge. In any case, tabling it for now, to be refined and built at a later unspecified date if ever. I have too many projects already.

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