Saturday, 23 November 2013

Path and MtG aren't so different

(reposted from this thread)

I feel that the player types of Magic: the Gathering actually apply really well to Path of Exile, with its classic ARPG play style coupled with the skill gems and passive tree system in place.

This makes it straw poll time!
Timmy, Johnny and Spike
Timmy, Johnny and Spike Revisited

Timmy is the one who plays for the experience. "Sure I'll map with you, as long as I get to kill things."
Johnny is the one who does funky stuff just because he can. "Hey, I was thinking, what if I used avatar of fire with cold-to-fire on ice spear for a burning proliferation build?"
Spike is the one who goes for level of achievement in one or another sphere of the game. Winning is the most important. (Congrats on first 100 in HC, SirBaker!) "Day 2 of Nemesis and I have 2 ex"
(all quotes are from real people)

Kiri is a Johnny Melvin.

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