Saturday, 23 November 2013

Crown of Eyes: sustained RF in combat

Someone else got to it first, which is just as well because I can't afford any of this. But I theorycraft a lot of LL builds so why not. thread link

The idea: to run sustained RF PA in combat (which is where it matters) for attack damage. Though I suppose the craft works for spells too.

We either need to stack regen or heal all the damage and then some. Note that taking 10% damage per second is seriously no joke. Therefore, claws. I freely admit to being biased, but the amount of insane crap my dual-claws can take while still dishing out more-than-respectable dps is what gave me the idea that RF might be sustainable to begin with.

Skill links: anything that goes well with claws. More damage the better, but I don't particularly care right now. BM - TS - Purity of Fire - RM is a good setup to reach low life with. On regular mana, I imagine I'll be running Hatred.

Items: Crown of Eyes, Shavronne's Wrappings, Phoenix (in all likelihood), Rainbows, Shavronne's Revelation, and resist/ES stat sticks on the rest. Might still have to run regular old Purity in addition to Fire anyway.

build link

Thought process:
> Well let's run RF PA...that means claws, and an ES build. That means VP, because instant leech is just too good and Bloodseeker is crap damage. Also likely means Phoenix.
> CI VP? Better be Scion as a start. Not to mention she's got a lot of resists in that particular route, and looking at the item list, resists are going to be a pain. I suppose I could go through the dex route from any other start, but then I wouldn't get nearly as much str.
> Ohsnap, but am I really going to run VP on an RF build? Shav's Revelation does bypass VP, being direct ES regen, so I'm definitely going to put that in. I know mana leech can sustain claw skills just fine, works for me.

Potential issues:
- not as much block chance as I'd like
- unwavering stance, it's a pain, but necessary on CI/LL since I really don't think I can afford to give up a potential resists slot for Eye of Chayula. At least it's pretty well right next to VP.
- ias and accuracy issues, probably be using blood rage and get ias that way, but acc is going to suck. Big time. Might be worth going ranger start, or going through dex route instead of being a scion, to get extra acc nodes.
- this is going to make a REALLY FUN leveling build, I swear it is.
- SC only, until shav's revelation finds its way back in. I have only one of these, since I figure it's a really bad idea to use two of them at once (that's why Shavronne lost her war.)

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