Saturday, 23 November 2013

evasion tank

Tiurakh build

I switched to double-strike from dagger flickermulti when the xp lost to reflects approximately equaled the xp gained from grinding, on my flicker build. Yeah. That teaches me to make non-CI flickermulti, for sure.

Love evasion tanking. Doesn't do nearly as well as my dual-claws in both survivability and damage terms, but then he's using a 320pdps claw while this one's using a 200dps dagger, and nothing beats claws for survival. Might consider switching in the claw and just continuing as normal.

Also, doublestrike is the only skill I actually don't mind splash/multi on. Something about the animation just makes it super smooth. Not to mention, my dagger is 1.9aps.

Bonus points because this is the character I used to try out Dominus, new quests, Orchard, etc. She wasn't hit by a forced reset. Amazing, isn't it? Both the others in this level range got bitten by Berserking getting moved up, but I hadn't taken that node here because it's an ias node and I was having trouble sustaining 10aps flicker.

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