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Author spends too much time online. Currently playing SC (build testing, etc) and races (on voice chat with an AUS-based primarily HC guild). Someone remind me to update this for the leagues after Ambush/Invasion, k?

the quick start guide to building
shop on SC
ACE guild thread

Also, twitch.tv/kirielis. Stream on request.

I play Hearthstone too. Ditto League of Legends (NA server), though not very much these days. 

A note to those who would contact me for build analysis: 

I am not your personal build monkey or anyone else's.

First try the class forum and any other community you may be in. I am only one person and can only offer one person's opinion, which will in all likelihood be completely theoretical as I have played barely a fraction of all available variations on all available builds. If you still end up contacting me personally, I would appreciate a well formatted message, more detailed the better and please note that I will approximately match the tone of your message when I make a response.

Also, I appreciate that you're trying, but if you come back to me with thoughtless questions instead of taking the time to consider the pros/cons and implications, I will more than happily return "use your brain for once". Fair warning.

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