Saturday, 23 November 2013

making cold snap work

never made a wander, need to rectify that
also, cold snap

ele hit - GMP - cast on crit - cold snap - LL - (WED, proliferation?)
what do wanders do for single target anyway? probably a variant of whatever it is I have up there

yes that's a cold snap, CI with voll's obviously, so blood rage, etc etc

it'd use a lightning and local crit wand, spell stats preferred but those do tend to kick the price up something awful


have I mentioned how much I hate the trek down to VP yet

also mana starvation is probably going to be an issue, soul siphon is a possibility
might go down to conduit
unwavering stance probably a better idea than arrow dodging
needs more shield nodes

going to level as fp until I get a 5L voll's and level idk 50+ most probably

- cold snap probably not the best choice but I want a cold snap build
- quillrain/split-arrow probably work too but I want a wand build and wands can roll stats good for coldsnap too. Also, ele hit proliferation, weapon lightning, shock damage, plus wands have actually existent local crit

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