Saturday, 23 November 2013

Making a bow templar

The idea: stacking multipliers, generally speaking, but really I just like Chin Sol. Build is based on the one I always recommend to new players because it's really, really cheap and safe. thread link

This is going to be a templar because...I want to make a bow templar. Dex on gear will carry me until I reach duelist.

RoA, totem, added fire, conc.e, WED

Supported by point blank, blackgleam, chin sol. Do the math on the damage formula. Bonus points for traps, because trapping still works with dual-totems. Ditto the above links except with trap in place of totem. Maybe lose one of them for multi-trap.

More bonus points for split-arrow with life-on-hit. Pretty sure Frenzy still gives charges when dealing no damage too, must test that out, but it's a thought. 

build link

Now here's the concept part. Way back when, I read a guide for a party MF build running quill rain split arrow. Culling strike on self-attacks works with dual totems, so I figure I can pull that off with minimal investment, though I'll probably need a BM gem on split arrow. (It's likely that or Thief's Torment, and my ring slots are better off with Andvarius.) Since I'm running MF, and since I have links to play around with, it's possible to just put the standard sporker MF links on totems. Because why not.

I may or may not suicide him into SC to do exactly that, once Nemesis is over. It's a serious consideration, since I won't be playing vanilla HC like ever.

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