Labels and what they mean

Commentary is where I talk about other people's builds and my experience with them. This includes critique on builds people send me to look over (read the disclaimers first!)

Completed is when the thing is pretty much done and written up. I define the endpoint as capable of soloing blue 66-68s without build killer mods.

Concept is for a complete build concept and plan including 90-point tree. 

General is the catch-all game related one for, well, everything not specifically build related (I like mapping, races, etc but that's not the point of this blog so all those just get chucked into one category.)

Housekeeping is for miscellaneous admin-related and etc.

Playtest is for issues that needed solving. Provided a resolution was reached, and "this isn't going to work" is a valid resolution.

Thoughts is for stuff that doesn't tie in anywhere else, unformed "this might be cool" ideas, etc.

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