Sunday, 24 November 2013


It's high time I did something with my 6L Darkscorn. The bow has been repeatedly suggested to be good for tanks, let's see how that works out.

1. conversion of 25% incoming physical to chaos: CI build
2. conversion of  25% outgoing physical to chaos: damage conversion the rest of the way
3. therefore CI GR VP, acro is not an option, etc etc

or the other way

1. It is known that a LA/chain standard setup with GMP and LoH is ridiculously tanky on BM keystone (source: anecdotal from months ago)
2. conversion of incoming damage reduces the amount on physical anyway, so armour is more effective
3. blind and acro work remarkably well together, the more so because bows don't really do block; maybe IR with acro for bonus points, then!

I figure I'll have damage issues no matter which way I slice it, but maybe that's fixable?

4. going to take point blank
5. possibility of going crit

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