Thursday, 12 December 2013

Descent: Champions

I got my first Mirror yesterday. Missed 9 points by a couple minutes, started a couple minutes late, have a really bad habit of pausing to do inventory rather than doing it on the go. The last few Descent: Champions races I've been following the same strategy, getting a feel for the zones. Like I prefer Croaking to Chattering Halls because chimerals are easier to deal with than avians...both suck, mind you, but one sort's easier. Similarly, I'd much rather face Hatestorm than Avatar. Anyway, this makes it about time to plot strategy. 

Current: Scion, 2h ST with fire trap support. Everything after Berserking depends on the best weapon found/crafted, so some days it won't go to the axe node. Depending on weapon ias relative to dps, and how much of it is physical, either Iron Grip or the ias nodes at start are taken.

I pulled the CSV of that race (big surprise) and checked it across classes (bigger surprise). Rank #20 of each class, overall rank and level. Pattern holds across multiple races.

Scion: #40, level 22
Duelist: #200, level 20
Marauder: #100, level 21
Ranger: #180, level 20
Shadow: #500, level 17
Templar: #350, level 18
Witch: #300, level 19

Looking at the skill tree, it's no wonder shadow does terribly, they have a crappy starting build and items. Relatively speaking. Not to mention that shadows always run into mana issues. Templar doesn't do too hot either after the early good nodes are taken, and witch has no survivability at all. Yeah.

I'm in a hurry and I have a few more days out of town, so concepting a different build will come another day. I have some ideas in mind already.

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