Saturday, 1 March 2014

Aegis was totally worth it

Skill tree not shown because I'm pretty sure it'll get wiped - if it doesn't, I'll edit this post.

Relevant details:
- Aegis, Grace + Determination, no Hatred or anything because I didn't take reduced mana nodes
- Reusing the best 1h I have, which is a 320pdps claw
- Non-crit build from ranger start
- Doublestrike splash, in Bringer of Rain using BM gem
- Specced from a level 86 ranger originally, now 88
- Using Lazhwar permanently

Honestly? I don't think I've anything very much to say that hasn't been posted before in one form or another. But there's something to be said for AFKing pretty much whenever I like, including against Harbinger.

Comments. Let's see.

This build isn't invincible. Yet. I ate like 40% XP loss in a BM map before giving it up as a bad job, because without Grace + Determination, I was getting stunlocked all day and didn't return enough ES on block to survive it. Eventually cleared half the map running Grace, and then decided it wasn't worth it - after another couple deaths - and got out of there. Didn't realise how aura-dependent the character was before then, as she's done BM maps just fine before - that particular combination of mods, though, was terrible.

I don't have 20 billion DPS, though I do have enough to make reasonable clear speed. On the other hand, I'm now convinced that I can take reflect, no worries. So next time it'll be a crit build. I also barely leeched back enough HP to cover skill cost, on enfeeble maps. One more point in favour of crit, I suppose.

Nothing particularly outstanding about playing her. I blame the double-splash. I'm sure there are ways to make aegis blocking characters that don't also bore me to tears. This just isn't one of them. More when I figure out what is, but Cybil's might feature, or something that takes advantage of Aegis WED. However, Aegis is still amazingly powerful, which was what I was trying to learn to begin with, so colour me satisfied, and next time it's crit.

And that's it, I'm out for the week again after a dismal weekend of mapping 75s on this Aegis character. Sure that's how RNG works, but it still sucks when it's directed at you.

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