Sunday, 23 February 2014

It's always tricky to spec for crit

thread link, OP asked about dual claws cast-on-crit

My comment:
I specced a test case with dual claws of ~7.5% base crit, and with 4 power charges I had about 50% crit chance total. If I was using 9% base crit daggers (or claws), we'd be looking at 60% crit chance. Then add the 300% above mentioned, and see 87% final crit chance.

Updates on the above mentioned test case:
- ST has a low enough mana cost that it can be comfortably run with Voll's
- I'm very used to hitting the pots button, which isn't an option with VP; that said, VP GR isn't half bad with a decent ES pool if you have the leech numbers to back it up
- Firestorm is hilarious and pretty; Coldsnap isn't; Arc is better than it seems on first glance because of the shock effect; FP is always reliable but not the best DPS, though it's made up for by survivability so there you go.
- Leveling the CoC gem makes a shockingly large difference
- HP return from life on hit isn't worth much, honestly
- Added lightning from Wake of Destruction leads to shock stacking too, which is really cool; I pulled it out early because the nearest available 4L that could get those colours was boots, but Wrath should have a similar effect if I can run it rather than defensive auras. Yeah, good luck to me.
- Did not mention the 125% when dual wielding that is Twin Terrors. Whatever, it also works with daggers and yes the math really shows 90%+ base chance to crit. The 5th PC? I was using Maligaro's to compensate.
- Problem with close range: I kite a lot. Less so when using FP and I manage to freeze them, at least, but FP is better close up and I don't like being close up. Not quite enough survivability for me at that range.
- I did a lot of build tweaking and I won't get anywhere near that many crit nodes. Can't really afford it with all the survivability nodes. Boo.
- A little spell damage will go a long way.

See you on the weekend after the 5th!

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