Monday, 10 March 2014

1.1.0 personal updates

The two build guides (ice ranger and dual claws) have been updated for patch 1.1.0. If I missed anything, please post it in the associated thread. Thanks.

Also - we'll see how many of these actually reach completion - my planned Invasion builds are detonate dead, burn proliferation, and aura summoner (of a sort, anyway). Of these, only burn proliferation has any sort of endgame plan in place, and that only because I'm basically planning to netdeck it. I think there are like 5 mostly-current guides or something. Detonate has one. Aura support has three, see previous post. Well, four now, found another hiding out in the scion list. Planning to make extensive modifications for both of those, though.

Rushing into respecs, particularly without a build plan or prior research, has made two of my SC test dummies effectively unusable so far. Happens often enough (specifically, every respec) that I should know better by now. Here's hoping I do better with the remaining, yeah?

It's kind of cute to see how the meta changes. Nobody even took notice of searing bond after it was changed, and now post-patch the streamers have popularised it and are calling for nerfs. Real fun. 

Corrupted a Lazhwar in SC with my first and only vaal orb drop there. Nothing happened. Yay.

Looking forward to the new race season.

And that's it for 1.1.0. Shout out to my guild for being just generally awesome. Love playing with you guys. I know some of you are seeing this, since our extremely hardworking GL has probably put a link to this in the newsletter. If any of you want to contribute in any way to this site, that would be fantastic.

Bonus link: the aforementioned GL looked up this video for me, thanks mate.

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