Sunday, 9 March 2014

The (second?) most amazing set of threads on the entire forum.

First is, of course, the set containing the Unique Item List and the Map Management Resource. The latter even has an amazing thread number. I'm a huge fan. But anyway. 

After making that post the last time, I started off with some good old lit review. I might have mentioned this before, but aura summoner is definitely not a new idea.

build 1, low life and everything that entails. I don't see myself getting a shav soon, but hey.
build 2, at least looks affordable
build 3, ditto #1 without the minions and with cull

This would have been impossible without the witch builds list, which is immensely useful and I wish all the other forums had something like this. Scion Duelist Marauder, and I'm hopeful the others will get them soon...

I strongly recommend showing your support for the wonderful people who keep these lists updated!

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