Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Another request for review

Information provided:

build link
ST - Spectre - GMP - IR - WED (removed IIQ gem - you're a bit behind the times. Sorry.)
Zombie - Multi - IR - LL/LGOH (removed IIQ, see above, and WED because zombies don't use weapons)
Reduced Mana - Anger - Wrath - Hatred (Alpha's)
looking for a high eDPS 2H Mace, possibly corrupted with culling

First off, mate. Are you seriously going to go for level 85? Got a level 70 build out somewhere maybe? You know, just to see what you're prioritising.

You know minion HP regen is amazing right? Like Vitality is the difference between resummoning half my zombies in a play session and not resummoning at all, in maps? Is this an aura summoner build or something? Why 2h mace? As a summoner, 30% increased aura radius...actually, good question, I don't know if it makes sense to take that. Depends on current radius I suppose.

Why not grab some HP regen for yourself while you're at it? Ew, why spec throw to begin with? >.> And you do know you're missing one cluster of HP up near CI, why? And, well, why HP and...yeah, okay, whatever.

Next. Seeing as you're not taking crit, you should just go RT, it's right there. And static blows too. Shocking for your minions is awesome cool, seriously.

What exactly spectres are you going to be using? Flame sentinels? You're aware that you should probably break the links for ST and spectres, right? Neither skill will be operating efficiently if you link it that way. As for zombies...honestly? I'd pull the IIR and LL/LoH, just take the minion hp regen node.

ST - GMP - LoH - WED? depending where your culling is at, and good luck finding an ele 2h mace 5 linked that also has that corrupted mod and the colours you want. Just saying.
Spectres - GMP - something something idk minion damage or fire pen or whatever you're doing
Zombies - multi - something something ditto the above, but melee physical and added fire are both substantial damage increases
Optional skeletotem? Haha.

I'll be testing this weekend on mana requirements with an aura summoner. Fair warning that mana nodes might be required if you want to sustain ST (it might not be possible anyway considering you have barely any phys damage to leech mana off), and/or that you might have to drop an aura to have enough mana to cast zombie/spectre.

I hate that everyone has to mule a templar or marauder to get RM gems at the start of a league, so cutting into the time I have to make the character I actually want. Which is, come to think of it, pretty similar to this one. Huh.

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