Wednesday, 26 March 2014

How many things can you realistically do at once?

So I was fooling around with my cast on crit thoughts. Again. By the way, as far as I can tell, it basically comes down to wand barrage chain or dagger spec-throw XMP. There was some thinking about claws but the crit rate doesn't really warrant that. Pretty well everything else is strictly inferior or a gimmick.

Or melee. For as long as CoC has been around, there have been rumblings of doing it with flicker strike. Double strike. Etc. Discharge has featured pretty prominently - but you really don't CoC discharge on a flicker multi. Or maybe you do, I need to go try that...

Anyway, if you're in melee range you need some sort of defenses. So like, shield block, armour, evasion, acro, something! And of course you also need HP/ES, and you need crit, and I was just thinking about AoE nodes, and then when I pressed the stats button I'd spent about 1.5x the travel points of a more compact build like the ones I managed to actually make a guide for, and still didn't have all the stats I needed. Not to mention I'd completely cut out any reduced reservation, and that's never fun.

Actually, that build passes pretty close to acro, and I've done acro before and might try it again, and good grief is it ever hard to get a templar over to the shadow crit zone.

But to get to the point, how many things is realistically too many to go for on a tree? I've generally found that you can go for HP/ES, and pick two of the following at most: summons, auras, crit, block, damage. (Etc. List is not exhaustive.) Three's been a challenge for ages - CoC raging spirit auramancer can't decide right now what she (it's a scion, okay, that makes her a she) wants to be going for first, and will barely get in range of most of the nodes by level 85. That's a bit of a problem. CoC templar with AoE nodes and spelldamage nodes...yeah, good luck to me.

Just a bit of musing on build challenges. I've kinda sorta playtested a CoC witch, I like how it plays, but I need to 5-link my Voll's before I can get anywhere with any of this.

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