Monday, 16 December 2013

Going to make searing bond work, just watch me

The idea post

The basic idea is to run totems on CDT so I get a free source of casting totems. HP return will be done by life-on-hit, since I can't exactly leech on ancestral bond. Since the bond connects to me, I should be right up in the middle of everything, therefore cyclone.

Using a searing touch and soul mantle, with the requisite flasks of warding. 

Cyclone - life on hit - curse on hit - ele weakness
Searing bond - CDT - increased burning - empower - (does fire pen affect this?)
(soul mantle spelltotem) - q20 shock nova - conc.e - proliferation - CDT - enhance - ??? (probably running a level 19 CDT in order not to proc it at the identical time with searing bond, maybe)
Fire trap - proliferation - conc.e - increased burning (as long as we're doing burning damage, why not)
Lightning trap - proliferation - ??? (ditto the above)

Build link

Yeah, that's got like no dex on it. More's the pity. Anyway, notables: RT (no way I want to miss anything that returns life on hit), static blows (well, duh), ancestral bond (OP), US (running this on CDT, right? not sure this is essential though), etc. I'm not entirely happy about how the entire templar section links up, but luckily that's all non-essential, so meh I'll think about it later.

Turns out not a lot of supports affect searing bond, maybe I'll keep it 4-linked in that case, which would allow me to use a 1h and shield rather than searing touch. Which in turn would mean skip the staffblock cluster, reroute templar (I did say I wasn't happy with that) and get shieldblock.

RF - empower - aoe/conc.e, in a +2/+1 (does RF get negated by dual totems?) and using ruby flask(s) of warding.

Might need to pick up some armour clusters. Take the hybrid ES ones and go Aegis maybe. That all depends on how much I can afford to not be hit and still keep the totems up for a reasonable amount of time. Lose the fire and burning damage from ST though, not to mention the additional +2 to searing bond, and that's actually really significant.

Update: dumped the templar nodes, and in my previous experience with cyclone as HP I don't need US either. That way I can work on managing damage taken through ev as well as ar. build link the last nodes to be taken are Arsonist and the DoT/totem clusters below IR. Non-essentials, the whole bunch of them.

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