Monday, 30 December 2013

A collection of semi-random points

I'm tired today, and it occurs to me that I haven't written one of those opinion pieces for a while, so here's a compromise and expect to see some of these written in more detail somewhere down the line. 

- Playing HC when distracted is as great a way to die as playing while half asleep
- Someone I bought something from is of the opinion that races should give 3x more points but occur 1/3 as frequently; it'd be as hard to reach 1k as ever, but the time investment is less. Also, I metagame races for points.
- NotRegret's quest to beat the game on Nemesis without using rares is commendable. He also has a bunch of essays written on assorted different points, some of which I disagree with, but definitely worth reading even so.
- I'm not particularly in favour of SFL. This from the perspective of end game mapping. This thread is also a good read on the subject.
- Not every build is equal in clearing all content. Case in point, I absolutely hate first form Dominus, but second is a cakewalk; my dual totem buddy reports exactly the opposite.
- I really need my previous forum posts in list format.

Oh, and Munchkin is a great card game. 

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