Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Converting a storm call totem build to crit

I got an interesting message in two parts today. This particular friend of mine comes up with weirder builds than I do, but I have more that reach endgame. I suspect this has to do with what we consider finished - he just drops characters when he's bored of the concept, and I push it through to either success at lower maps or failure somewhere along the line. Please note that I am not saying either style is better or worse: I'm pretty sure he's also played more different builds than I have, and I have this whole backlog of things I want to do but can never find the time to...

This is the second part of the message. Commentary on the first part in another post, but there's more data for this one.

Current Storm Call Tree
Storm Call Crit Tree I've come up so far

Level 80 scion, EB dual totems using storm call, considering respeccing into crit.

Relevant stats from first tree: 168% HP, 80 dex 220 str 140 int, 140% mana regen, 48% mana, 52% aoe radius, total about 130% spell damage. 
Relevant stats from second tree: 184% HP, 40 dex 170 str 210 int, 100% mana regen, 40% aoe radius, total about 90% spell damage, total 405% spell crit and 50% spell crit multiplier.

Some points, in no particular order of importance.
- good luck with your dex requirements mate
- totem range node wasn't worth much anyway
- yeah 140% mana regen is probably overkill
- consider getting a Divinarius
- also consider using ice spear pcoc during downtime between casting totems
- is unwavering stance really necessary? that's a lot of points.
- also what's up with taking out that HP cluster near CI/EB?
- small 15% crit nodes are really, really small and I'd think twice about getting those immediately, how badly do you need them?

94 points build with US removed. Also added the Coordination node near shadow for +20 dex and 3%cspd, and removed the small cluster of spellcrit stuff near templar (55 crit, 30 multiplier) because it took a whole 4 travel points to get there. For 2 travel points below RT you can get 40% multiplier in 2 points, and for 3 points you can get 45% crit just on small nodes, and I believe I've already made my stance on small nodes clear. In short, the reason I removed it is that that was the most inefficient cluster and I needed to cut points.

Relevant stats: 160% HP (suggest keeping that HP/str cluster below CI, by the way), 60 dex 100 str 180 int (did you know that HP/str cluster is a whopping 50 str?), total 350% spell crit and 20% multiplier. You can probably tell what the 101 point build I would go for is like.

Spell crit has some really spectacular numbers available from wands/daggers and shields, and this is a pretty decent position to run ice spear pcoc from. Multiplier is perhaps a shade harder to get from gear than passives, relative to spell crit (the position, incidentally, is reversed for weapon crit and multiplier) so I might consider taking out the small nodes in favour of multiplier ones too.

I hope this helps.

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