Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Thanks a bunch for the aura changes, GGG

So I was respeccing my ranger to an Aegis Rain build. Pretty standard, I know. But the point was to make a reliable build that could get her to level 90, and there's nothing more reliable than Aegis Rain.

I plugged in (level 19) RM - Grace - Determination and turned them all on. Oops, I have 85 mana left. Big whoop, now I can't run Hatred or Tempest. No reduced reservation nodes on this tree, after all.

Current status: 33 points unassigned, level 86. Cleared a3x in merc, though because said points were unassigned I was using an Astra. It's a really good cheat during testing. And as a result, no Lazhwar = zerg Dominus. He died eventually, but I had to stay the @#$% away from the lightning and when I didn't I died. Using BM Cyclone in Rain, yes, I know, how standard. The DPS was actually pretty significant, though my 320dps claw skewed that a little for sure. Comparable to the doublestrike build at least.

Resolution, what resolution? The solution is simple, spend a couple of passives on shield block and give up the idea of running Hatred. That one's a fairly common aura to find in parties anyway, I understand, and it's not like I lack DPS, see above. Hatred would be nice but not actually necessary.

I still don't know what my main skill will end up being. BM cyclone with a claw was just plain convenient to do the testing with. Considering the mana thing, I'll probably end up staying with BM. Hm.

Next up, an aura bot build. Because I think it would be funny to run Ephemeral Edge.

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