Friday, 1 August 2014

Wait, there's a comment spam filter?!

I just clicked the tab on my email that I never click on, by accident, and it turns out all the comments have been going to spam and I didn't even notice. Goodness. Turns out to all be spam, but still, I didn't even notice!

Meanwhile, I've been poking around back in the game. Computer's not fixed yet, but I've found a workaround - it's been stable throughout my 1MHC play time, so hopefully it will stay that way! Life is good right now and I'm really looking forward to 3MHC...and yes, I'll probably start posting again. Soon(tm).

If you're wondering why those two updates are concurrent, it's because I checked my email when my guild leader told me to. Yeah. Round of applause for current #1 and #2 in 1MHC, by the way. They're crazy, but awesome. Edit: RIP

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