Monday, 4 August 2014

A build working against itself

It's the last couple weeks before another big reset, and I have a couple of characters to play with. One's a witch and I specced her to a CWS setup. Link to example

Might notice that's an old thread. Specifically, skill builds are gone. I decided to try something else - stun goes through whether or not the damage is blocked, so I figured I could do a high block build and take minimal damage. What damage I did take, I figured I'd leech it back, or use other methods like Shavronne's Revelation, Aegis Aurora, Zealot's Oath, etc.

It might have worked, but for the fact that Aegis's effect requires armour to function effectively. More armour = less stuns. GG Kiri.

In other words, I can't realistically do docks, even with auras turned off. I've been stunlocked to death on an Aegis character (including Grace Determination) on 74+ vulnerability maps with 5k hp, so it's not completely impossible, but this is the first character I've made which has a lower level limit of zones rather than an upper one.

Getting triple shockstacked in Barracks helps, but not nearly enough. I'm thinking I should go for a Shackles of the Wretched.

I could just drop the Aegis idea. Got a shadow hanging around, and enough pure ES gear to give it a shot. Meh.

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  1. You can use the gloves that reflect curses back onto you. Give yourself vulnerability but now you need the curse node where your curse never expires