Saturday, 11 January 2014

Great success! (to an extent) in descent: champions

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I died at Brutus because I stupidly spent all my flasks in the chamber of greed. Noobiest noob mistake ever. Getting to that point was fun, though. Shadow build, picked up a claw from the beginning, used reave and firetrap. Item choices were the belt and the club. The former because improving flask recovery really is fantastic, and the latter because that's what caught my attention to begin with. I mean, you'd either be doing that with fireball or firetrap, right? ...ooh, something else to play with!

But anyway. Great success so far and I hope to actually play through to the end with this.

Something of note. My hotkey setups have reave and lightning trap defaulting to the same slot, so while I do actually have space for both, along with everything else I use, my reflexes and instincts...don't really go there. Ended up using WB to return life on hit after putting in lightning trap, go figure.

Something else of note. If you don't pay attention to room clearing, at least to a reasonable extent, you're going to end up way underleveled for a zone. I try to remain in XP range at least, so 3 levels' difference. This problem is only exacerbated by the trapper tendency to run off and do something else while the traps handle the mobs. Or maybe that's just a me tendency, who knows.

Single target is still a bit of an issue. It's playable, as in throw down fire/bear/lightning traps, if possible close in and use viper strike and if not then just kite around, but it's not nearly as reliable as I like it to be. And I haven't tested that against Gravicius so I wouldn't know.

Everything else relevant to D:C general applies, like get good resists, etc etc.

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