Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A hybrid defenses build

thoughts post

It did strike my fancy to make a hybrid build. Where are the better ES nodes to be found, templar or shadow? Most probably templar.

As Essentia is a low DPS claw, I expect to offhand it and use a mainhand-only skill. Therefore: X - splash - multi - life on hit, etc etc. That, or ground slam, or some other mainhand forcer. Since Essentia's bonus 10% block only applies to dual claws, hm, maybe I'll stick to double strike. This here's flexible enough, anyway.

skill tree

Here's an 80ish points beginning of an idea for a build. It has lots of INT trouble, and 126% HP in addition to the usual ES. Fair amount of damage nodes too, perhaps even a bit much. RT just on the way, and passing near most major weapon clusters for whatever the main hand weapon-of-choice is. Might I suggest an axe? Of course, then the accuracy node right at the start can be skipped. And yes, that's VP, because why not. We aren't getting much by way of regen, with low HP, and it goes so nicely with GR.

skill tree

Alternatively, there's a fair amount of crit available on this half of the tree. Accuracy nodes have been added, because they are most definitely necessary, and even so I'd be trying for acc on helm, gloves and if possible even weapon - or just an additional accuracy gem, which provides crit chance with quality. It's a level 86 tree though - I'd probably cut down on some of the damage nodes before then, since crit is better damage all around.

See commentary on Tiurakh doublestrike build for play style, though as an armour character I'd probably be playing it slightly differently. It's a really long shot, but I saw someone with a 300pdps Tiger's Paw once - that'd be hands down the best weapon here, since it has intrinsic LoH and I might be able to get away with not using that gem.

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