Sunday, 4 May 2014

Updates on CoC #2

Changed out one of the Ungil's Gauche knives for a Cybil at level 50 when I was running into survivability trouble. Part of that has to be because I went glass cannon, which is kind of a really bad idea when you have 1k hp at level 50 and are getting constantly oneshot. It got me through Dominus anyway, if only by zerging him, and A1M is easy compared to A3xC. Did I mention that I think something's overtuned there yet? Have 1.4k hp in merc ledge and mostly I'm doing fine, but adding HP nodes as I go along. It's helping.

Current play style: walk up and attack face. When critting, the combination of Cybil LoH and phys leech keeps my HP relatively high even with 20 stacks corrupted blood. On unlucky crit streaks (3 or more noncrit rolls in a row), which happens fairly often at 40% crit chance before PCs and 60% with them, well...I have a granite and a life flask. Both see almost constant use.

Most certainly not playable in current state in HC. For one, I wouldn't even be CoC yet. For two, I'd've routed below scion and through the life wheel, rather than above witch for the PC and AoE.

Been thinking of going CI, but that'll require a lot of tweaking. Project for SC then, I guess. Maybe I'll even be able to go Aegis.

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