Friday, 4 April 2014

I guess this means I'm going buzzsaw.

build link

Link is approximate. Planning on using Voll's for power charges, because nothing else is nearly as reliable. 

ST - GMP - LoH - [CoC/WED] - [RS]
Barrage - Chain - LoH - [CoC/WED] - [RS]

See, the problem with that is that the CoC setup is for a 5L Voll's with 3 green. That's really not easy. At least, it's not affordable in my remaining play time for this set of leagues. (Ditto for the 5L Windripper.)

Remaining skills:
skeles - totem - blind - [minion life] (4L #1)
flesh offering - increased duration - animate weapon - [WED] (4L #2)
zombies - added lightning Q20 - proliferation - [minion damage] (3L #1)
animate guardian - minion life - minion resist (3L #2)
desecrate (unset ring)
RM - (damage auras) (4L #3)

That's all neatly wrapped up then. It's an ele buzzsaw with an army. Should have time, if I don't rip, to get this to maps.

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